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Integrity and the people who have it are a rare commodity in the world. Both exist and when we find them, we are honor-bound to make them known.  Marsha Hunt, who recently turned 92 is the proud possessor of a high degree of integrity.  Too often only mentioned as a name associated with the shameful blacklisting period in Hollywood, Marsha Hunt's contributions far exceed that experience.

"Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity" is a documentary by Zelda Can Dance Productions presenting a full-length portrait of a determined young actress whose commitment and actions in behalf of freedom placed her in jeopardy of losing her livelihood.  In a classic turnabout, she turned the camera's attention away from herself and towards those less celebrated, less publicized.  

Out of the spotlight, Hunt became a tireless worker for the United Nations and its agencies, dedicating herself to world hunger, cerebral palsy, and homelessness.  She turned attempts to stifle her career into creating a better world for others.  That is the story of "Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity" told in archive footage and interviews with people from her school days at Horace Mann in New York, her leading lady career for Paramount and M.G.M., U.N. coworkers and fellow actors ncluding Eddie Mueller, director of her latest film,"The Grand Inquistor,"  which celebrates her 75th year as an actress.

"Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity" Emmy award winner Roger C. Memos, Emmy nominee Richard Adkins and Joan Cohen, researcher for numerous Emmy winning documentaries are the producers.

The production is still in process and all inquiries should be directed to:
Zelda Can Dance Productions, Inc.

"Marsha Hunt: Sweet Adversity" has been accepted by the International Documentary Association as one of a select number of projects to appear on their documentary funding website.

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